4 unpleasant conditions spicy food can cause

No national cuisine in the world can do without spices. They not only stimulate appetite, but also enrich the food with unique flavors and make it tastier. However, like all products, they are good in moderation. Some people can get pain and burning sensations after eating spicy food because of the inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Here are some unpleasant conditions and diseases that spicy food can cause.


Heartburn happens because spicy food contributes to increased secretion of gastric juice. The acid from the stomach is thrown into the esophagus and starts to irritate its mucous. Heartburn usually doesn’t bother people with healthy stomachs, only in case you consume enormous amounts of spicy and hot food. If you’re starting to feel the burning sensation, you can calm it down with some dairy products, for example, yogurt or sour cream,


Spicy food causes the destabilization of the liver functioning, resulting in increased blood viscosity. Increased blood viscosity is in the list of causes that provoke hemorrhoids. Another factor is that with inflammation of the hemorrhoids, spicy food leads to an additional burn of mucous membranes and inflamed skin areas. As Dr. Andrew Lodzinski advises on his blog http://www.thrombosedhemorrhoidsinfo.com/, you should even control the amount of salt you consume.

Unpleasant smell

Spicy food, mainly garlic and onions, can cause a bad smell from the mouth. It’s not harmful to your health if it’s not a consequence of more serious diseases like gastritis. In this case, you should visit a doctor and start your treatment in time.


If you consume a large amount of spicy food, the mucous membrane of your stomach inflames and weakens its protective barrier for infections, causing gastritis. However, this usually happens if you already have a sick or weak stomach. In moderate quantity, it doesn’t do any harm to healthy people, especially if a person is accustomed to spicy seasonings since childhood.

Spicy food can be very delicious and useful for you, but you need to be careful with it. Learn to listen to your own body as it can tell you when to eat a couple cloves of garlic, and when it’s not worth it.