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Over the last few years, Experience Something New has evolved from being a little bit of fun for our family into a resource for parents and families all over the world who want to find some insight into life, family and parenting that they may not be able to find anywhere else. I get many emails from people talking about how our site has helped them is truly staggering and we appreciate everybody who takes the time to talk to us. Experience Something New has played host to so much amazing content, which has allowed us to serve others in ways we never imagined.

A big reason for why we can continue doing this is because the community that has developed around the site has contributed enormously to its growth. We currently enjoy a readership that includes 14,000 unique visitors and many repeat visitors every month and we believe that all of you have something to say that could help others in the Experience Something New community.

Does that sound like you? Because if so we would be delighted to hear about how you might want to contribute to my blog by writing your own guest post.

Unconvinced? Unsure of how to go about submitting your post? Whatever the case, here are a few reasons why we think I think you should write for my website.

Developing Your Skills

We don’t make it a requirement for everybody who wishes to submit a guest post to my blog to be a professional writer with a diverse portfolio of previously published content. That places severe limits on the people who have something useful to contribute but haven’t written for a website before.

What we are interested in is helping others get their ideas out to an audience who will appreciate them and be able to offer useful feedback based on what they read. We closely examine every piece that is submitted to us and we aim to offer people the help and advice they need to ensure their words engage our readers and achieve the writers’ aims.

Our Audience

We are privileged that the audience at Experience Something New is made up of some of the most passionate and intelligent people around. If you write and publish your post here you will find that our community will not only welcome you into the fold, but will be very receptive and appreciative of what you have to bring to the table.

Better yet, our site has expanded enormously in just a few short years. We mentioned our monthly figures at the top of the page and it is contributors like you who have helped grow Experience Something New and can now take advantage of everything this high readership level entails. In short, we will make sure your post is seen by the people who can make best use of the information it contains, while also offering you the opportunity to be seen and heard by a large audience.

Giving Credit Where It Is Due

We make regular references to the Experience Something New community. We have been able to build this community because we offer great respect and appreciation to all of the people who have helped in our site’s evolution over the years.

This especially extends to all of the people who contribute to my blog. We want to make sure you receive the credit you deserve for the ideas and thoughts that you bring to our readers, which is why our blog offers people who write for my website a biographical section. Here you can talk more about you and why you want to share your ideas. Furthermore, if you believe you have something of value to offer to our community, this is also an excellent way to advertise it.

It’s Easy As Pie

Of course, none of that would mean anything if we overcomplicated things for our writers. This is why we have made the process of submitting your ideas as easy as possible. All you need to do is contact us with your thoughts for your blog post and we can take things from there. Once you have it ready, just submit it to us and we will take care of all of the technical issues to get your blog on our site quickly.

Topics We’re Interested In

At Experience Something New we are interested in any topics that relate to family life. If you are thinking of writing for us, here are just a few of the subjects that we love to cover:

  • Parenting
  • Creating Homes
  • Maintaining Relationships

There are many more besides and we will be happy to talk to you about any thoughts that you have. If you need some ideas of sample articles that match what we are trying to achieve with the website, the following are all great ideas:

  1. Budgeting & Saving
  2. Parenting Hacks
  3. Family Holiday Guides
  4. Interior Design
  5. Gardening & DIY
  6. Mental Health
  7. Health & Fitness
  8. Family Activity Guides
  9. Children’s Behaviour
  10. Food Recipes & Cooking

So if you have some ideas or would just like to find out more, please contact me using the contact form below and we can work together to share your ideas with our community.