Tote Bag Raises Over $70,000 for Charity

Totes bags are great for the environment since they help cut down on the needless waste created by single-use plastic shopping bags and are typically made from renewable and recyclable sources. As an added plus, you always have the freedom to brand your tote bags for marketing purposes, or, in the case of one owner of a small print shop in Silver City, USA, the opportunity to send a message.

Kylie Durrie, the owner of Power and Light Press, decided to create a tote bag priced at just $15, with 100% of all proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood. Having helped provide women with healthcare for over 100 years, the service now boasts over 650 health centres, all of which are responsible for catering to the diverse health requirements of the communities they find themselves supporting.

Durrie developed the idea of creating a statement bag to showcase their work, but she had no idea how popular the final product would prove to be.

“It’s been crazy because I didn’t expect it to be as big as it is! I thought, ‘I’ll post this bag and maybe I’ll sell 100 orders.’ I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen.”

In order to keep up with demand, Durrie has been working non-stop over the last few months. Within just three days, enough bags were sold to secure a spectacular $20,000 donation, and that figure has since increased to over $70,000. Durrie plans to continue making donations on a monthly basis according to the enduring popularity of her product.

As a female business owner who employs four other women, Durrie explained that: “It just seemed like a way we could use our abilities, as makers, to make something good happen.”

Of course, not all tote bags have to raise money for charity or make a statement, but it’s fantastic to see just what kind of results can be enjoyed by creating a personal message on an eco-friendly tote bag. If you’re looking to engage with your customers and have them promote your business, going with bespoke printed tote bags is a great idea.