Handy Home Hacks to Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary

In order to properly express themselves, children need to possess a strong vocabulary, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t help them along the way by following these handy hints.

Question to Improve

Your child is apt to become a little short with you if you’re constantly suggesting new words to them. Instead of directly asking them if they can think of another word, or providing them with one outright, try asking rhetorical questions. If your child says that something is ‘really good’, why not ask them if they thought it was ‘exceptional’? These questions won’t just teach your child new words; they will also be forced to consider how they are expressing themselves and whether other words might be more appropriate.

Play Word Games

If you want your child to learn something, chances are you’ll have better luck by making learning into a game. Luckily enough, there are plenty of word games out there available to download that can be utilised to expand a child’s vocabulary. The challenge will help your child engage with the task, and playing games is just downright fun, especially compared to regular schoolwork.

Be Patient

Even the brightest of sparks don’t always learn something right away. Learning new words is tricky, even for adults. Think about it: how many words have you looked up online and then forgotten about later? The key to success is persistence and exposure. Just because your child knows what a word means once, doesn’t mean they will know in a few days. Keep using new words to reinforce their meaning, and try making some flashcards when new words are learnt.

Get Your Child an E-Reader

More and more parents are using e-readers instead of traditional paper books, and these devices can be equally beneficial for children. Newer e-readers let you look up the meaning of a word simply by tapping on it. Children often prefer finding out about new words this way since they don’t need to admit that they are unaware of a word’s meaning.