Five Great Benefits of Using a Gas Oven

Although sleek electric and conduction ovens are often used in new builds, gas ovens are making a comeback and there are many reasons why. If you enjoy cooking, or you’re a chef in training, a gas oven has a range of benefits to help you cook your food to perfection. If you think you’re in need of a new oven or you are moving home, here’s why you should choose gas.

More Control

Electric ovens usually have a lot less control than a gas oven. You will notice the difference immediately at how fast you can boil water for your pasta and how much easier it is to control the temperatures. As gas ovens come with a knob, you can regulate the temperatures with the slightest adjustments. If you want to discuss installing a gas oven, finding a manufacturer that will care for you long after your oven is installed is a must. With Wolf customer service, a technician can come out if you have any problems or concerns, or if your oven needs to be serviced.

Easy Cleaning

Gas stovetops tend to be easily wipeable just as most other stovetops. When using a gas oven, good ventilation is key to ensure that any odors and greasy smoke exit your home whilst cooking. Here is an easy way to clean your stovetop using only natural cleaners.

Gas Won’t Cut Out if Your Electric Does

Although some people may not see this as much of a benefit, if you have ever had a power outage, you will know how frustrating it is to not be able to make any food. A gas oven will work even during a power outage, meaning you can not only still cook, but you can also use it as a heat source. This is especially beneficial during the cold months, or for the elderly.

Faster Cooking Times

You see many professional chefs using a gas range.  They know that a gas range allows them cook dishes faster than convection ovens such as fan ovens. This also means if you are having a dinner party or are making a lot of dishes at once, they can all be heated at the same time as fire can get hotter than other methods of cooking.

Better Heat Distribution

As gas ranges usually have their heat source in a very central location, the flames on the stovetop allow for a much more even heat distribution throughout your whole pan or pot. This also prevents cool spots from limiting how certain ingredients cook together. If you are looking to try your hand at some complex recipes, a gas cooker can allow even heat distribution in order to make these dishes a success. Furthermore, this can reduce the risk of burning certain spots on any of your favorite cookware or your meal.

With these fabulous benefits, plus the option of getting an oven fitted that can look both modern or vintage, you may find you want to have a gas oven installed. But be warned, once you go gas, you may never go back!