How to Entertain Kids in Pack and Play Playards

Using pack and play playards is a must for every parent who wants to keep their child safe and comfy. In order to make this experience both beneficial and enjoyable for your baby, you can use a variety of tools and tricks to turn a playpen into a tiny amusement park.

1.      Buy Pack and Play Playards with Attachments

In order to make sure your kid has more fun in a pack and play than simply moving around a few toys, you’ll need a playpen with a variety of attachments. Luckily, today they are designed to meet the needs of any parent. Read pack and play reviews to pick the perfect item for your baby.

2.      Set Up a Music & Lights Show for Your Baby

Today you can buy pack and plays with clip-on adapters for music players as well as night lights. With the variety of small, multicolored LED lights available on the market, you can easily turn a playpen into a small disco club for your child. Kids love bright colors and they actually help their development, and simple baby songs make all small children laugh.

You can’t let your baby spend too much time in their own personal club, and you should keep the music low enough so as not to damage the baby’s sensitive eardrums. However, this can be a fun ‘party’ experience for both of you.

3.      Turn Your Pack and Play into a Small Jungle Gym

You’ll need a rather large playpen for this as well as a variety of other tools to ‘build’ all kinds of obstacles for your baby to climb. Remember not to make them high enough for the child to actually climb over the wall of the playpen.

This kind of game will keep your little one active and help them develop muscle coordination. However, it should be supervised, so install your baby-sized jungle gym only while you can stay in the same room.

Pack and play playards offer many ways to entertain kids, so just let your imagination run wild and design your own special place.