DIY Garden Decors

Are you bored of your plain garden? There are many ways to make it look much better, without having to spend a lot! Skip the common store-bought items, and give your garden a personalised touch with these easy-to-make beauties!

Bubble Fountain

Give your garden a pretty look by adding a bubble fountain to it! It’s quite easy to make a bubble fountain, and for this you will need a small metal table. To make it a fountain, swap the table’s glass top to a plastic planter bowl, and spray some colourful spray on it. You can choose your favourite colour’ spray, so that you feel at home even when you are lying in your garden. To bring the waterworks to life in your fountain, a pump should be attached to it. Add some glass balls glisten under the water pump, and the work’s done. To keep the fountain working all the time, you should just replenish the water whenever it evaporates.

Custom Concrete Pots

Tired of plastic flower pots which need to be fixed or glued each time? Make your own concrete pots, to avoid all the work. To shape these pots, you can use disposable milk cartons as moulds. Drop your concrete mixture in these cartons, and let it dry. Once dried, cut off the papers, and you will have your very own concrete pots. Add a personalised touch to it by making some drawings or add some writings on these for exterior designs.

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Stencilled Outdoor Art

Make your garden more welcoming by adding stencilled outdoor drawings to it, and since you can make these yours, you can shape it just the way you want. All you need is some paint, wooden canvas and some brushes. You can attach many small laths to make the wooden canvas. Once done, paint it a single colour to change its natural colour. Then, put your stencil on your canvas, gluing it with adhesive. You can then paint the image with a brush, using different colours. Let your masterpiece dry before adding it to your garden.

Scrap Metal Flowers

Let your garden bloom all the time, by adding scrap metal flowers to it. Use some scrap shape-able metal to make the petals of the flowers, and glue it neatly to wood stakes. Then, use a decorative knob or any round-shaped object to make the centre if every flower. You can also paint these in different colours to give your garden a little boost-up.

Chalkboard Plant Markers

Surely, you must have several different plants in your garden, and these changes with the seasons. It might get difficult to remember the exact spots where the plants are kept or how long they have been there. Thus, to make it easier for you and to add a little personalised touch, you can add some plant markers to all the plants! Plant markers can be made simply by adding a chalkboard with all it details in the pot.