Cottages in Wales: Where to Stay

When planning for a Wales holiday for your family or for yourself, it will be worth it for you to consider the accommodations available.

When talking about accommodation, it will never be enough without the mention of the amazing cottages found in Wales. Wales is one of the places in the world that offers fascinating and attractive cottages for you and for your family.

These cottages make you keep wondering when you will take that holiday again to go and have another amazing and fascinating experience.

Cottages in Wales come in different forms, ranging from the modern structures to the old and traditional retreats that give you an opportunity to escape from the normal and crowded hotels or resorts.

You can bring your family in these cottages, for a private session or to just have a relaxing afternoon all to yourselves. You can opt to either spend your holiday in the resorts near the seaside or you can decide to take your family to the attractive towns in the countryside or even the Wales’ beautiful villages.

It is all for you to decide but wherever you choose, you are sure to have some quality time with your family or friends.

The cottages in Wales can come equipped with pools, which gives you an amazing chance to relax. Although the beaches are equally attractive, having a pool in your cottage is a cool novelty as you might wish to spend some time away from the beaches. This gives you a chance to relax with your family as you listen to some music or as you just chat the evening away.

Whether you’re looking for luxury holiday cottages, a coastal cottage or somewhere remote, there are so many options for where to stay.

Plus, it’s a given that wherever you decide to rent your holiday cottage in Wales, you’ll always have an amazing time! There is so much to do in this beautiful country. It emanates a calmer, simpler way of life.

The people are lovely and the views even better, don’t miss out a stay and get your fill of scenes like these.

We personally recommend heading to the outskirts of Cardiff, close enough to the city that you can easily access it for amenities, but close enough to the countryside to experience all fo the beauty of the Welsh hills.

If you’re more of a beachy person, the Pembrokeshire coast is beautiful all year round whatever the weather. In the summer it is beautiful and even when it rains (and it rains a lot, unfortunately!)

In the summer the waves on the Gower coast are fantastic for surfing and the weather can be sunny and pretty warm – so bikinis and speedos at the ready!

Wales cottages are just getting better each day and your holiday is filled with fun and adventure and one holiday will never be enough when you step here for the first time!

It’s such a wonderful place to visit, make sure you visit England’s little sister at least once in your lifetime!