Supporting a Loved One on Their Resolution to Effect a Lifestyle Change

It’s often been said that there are so many different ways to say “I love you” – so many different ways to express your love for someone, whether it’s your significant other, your children, an extended family member or even a near and dear friend. It’s true and one of the less obvious ways of doing this is by supporting that loved one on their resolution to effect a lifestyle change.

They often let you in on their plans because of the trust they have in you and because it’s good to put your goals out there so as to possibly gain an accountability partner. However, the biggest reason behind their confiding in you is because in some way they know that you’re the one who is likely to offer the most support to their cause. Play your part and if you don’t know how then here are a some guidelines.

The initial follow-up

This will be the first time you get in touch following the conversation about your loved-one’s resolution. Merely asking them about it will ascertain if they are indeed serious, but it will also give you the much-needed impetus to get more involved and in so doing you’ll be sure that you’re not wasting your time.

The second, informed follow-up

The next follow-up (it doesn’t necessarily have to strictly be the second one) will be a more informed one, with you collaborating with your loved-one having done some research which can go a long way in helping them and helping you help them. They’ll be more willing to accept your help if you take the time to show an interest in this way.

Getting in on the action

If you can, join your loved-one on their resolution to make a positive change in one or more areas of their life. After all, a challenge shared is a challenge halved, so you can be each others’ accountability partners and offer each other support in that way. Otherwise there are other ways to get involved, like sponsoring some gym equipment in the case of something like a resolution to get fitter.

Accountability and rewards

At the worst of times during their journey, your loved one could feel like they’re all alone and that their efforts mean nothing because there’s nobody around to appreciate them. Be that person on the front of holding them accountable by checking up on their progress and on the front of celebrating their victories with them, no matter how big or small.

Do not complicate things. Keep it simple and make the reward an “effective” one that doesn’t make them stray too far from achieving their goal, if at all. For example, while it’s acceptable to perhaps indulge a bit to the end of someone who has stuck to their resolution to eat healthier, something like dried nuts and fresh fruits as congratulations gift baskets would make for smarter rewards, because this way you reward their achievements with something really delicious without being an accessory to them straying from their goal of healthier eating and living.