5 Winter Activities To Do With Your Young Daughter

Struggling a bit with cabin fever? You are not alone. Winter weather can lead to some pretty monotonous days spent mostly inside. But while you might be struggling with a lack of Vitamin D, fresh air, and warm sunshine…winter really is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy some cold weather hygge. Some of the best ways to do that? Share in some self-care and cozy-home comforts with your daughter.

Here, the 5 best winter activities to enjoy with your daughter.

Have a Girl’s Day

Stuck inside on a snow day? Turn it into an impromptu girl’s day! Make some hot cocoa, and turn the living room into a cozy fort—twinkle lights, warm fuzzy blankets, candles, and your favorite chick flick movies to watch as you soak your feet, do a face mask, and paint your nails together. For a fun way to banish the winter blues, paint your nails in bold, bright colors. We love pops of pink, glitter, and even color-changing nail polish. This Del Sol color changing nail polish checks all of the boxes.

Start a Book Club

Peruse the latest in YA best sellers, and together with your daughter, pick a book to begin your book club. It’s fun to keep this between just the two of you, but it’d be even better to include some of her best friends and their moms. Host your Moms & Daughters book club once a month, making snacks, kid-friendly drinks, and a cozy meeting area where you can discuss the book of choice.

Plant a mini indoor garden

Head to your local greenhouse (a wonderful place to visit in the winter, anyway!), and pick out some plants together to create a mini indoor garden. If you’re clueless on how to begin such a project, talk to a plant expert at the nursery. They’ll help to guide you on which plants to choose, how to plant, as well as how to care for them.

Redo her bedroom

This one might take a few days, but it’s worth it. Make a Pinterest board together of room inspo with some easy DIY projects, gather a list of necessary materials, and get to work creating the bedroom of your daughter’s dreams. This can be a fun way to incorporate some of that hygge we were talking about — think lots of plush pillows, soft lighting, and even softer blankets.

Make a Fancy Dinner Together

Cooking with your children is a fun activity to encourage healthy eating…and beat the dreaded wintertime boredom. Pick out a new recipe together, make a shopping list, and gather your ingredients. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this — when children take part in food prep and cooking, they’re often more adventurous eaters. When dinner is ready to be served, turn it into a fun restaurant-style experience: make a menu, set the table with a candle and some flowers, and turn your dinner into a fun evening she’ll likely want to repeat in seasons to come.