5 Reasons Your Kids Prefer Bunk Beds to Traditional Single Beds

When you hear of bunk beds, you often associate it with summer camp or being in the military. They are commonly seen on ships, in hostels, dormitories, and even in some prisons. But because of continuous urbanisation brought about by land scarcity, bunk beds are fast becoming an alternative in cosmopolitan living to maximise space amongst household members.

With such limited space versus occupants’ ratio, home depots and lifestyle stores have breathed new life to the traditional bunk beds by offering creatively designed kid’s metal bed that will definitely make bedtime more fun and exciting.

Here are also some cool ideas to make bunking fun for everyone especially your kids:

Dual Purpose

Bunk bed designers have taken it to the next level with making them dual purpose, such as converting the lower bunk to an activity or study area. Not only will your kids enjoy their bedtime but they will also look forward to studying in this cosy nook.

Not your typical kids’bed, the private space can house corner shelves for books or wooden chests for toys that are built-in to the entire bunk bed construction. You can check out Domayne’s kids beds to get more ideas and inspirations for kids’ bunk beds.

There canalso be a dedicated corner for a desk for them to study or it can even have a corner lounge for those study breaks and quiet naps.

Creative Themes

Creative concepts for bunk beds can definitely be beyond your imagination, making it a sure preference by your kids unlike those traditional single beds.

Bunk beds can be thematic. It can be sports oriented like a basketball theme with matching colours and even with stairs and slides. Or a princess theme with different shades of pastel and glitter effects.

Having themed bunk beds will definitely create fond childhood memories for your kids.

Sharing is Caring 

If the family is larger and there are a lot more siblings, bunking beds with each other in one room will provide a better relationship amongst them.

Sharing the bedroom space in well-crafted bunk bed designs such as this four-bed style will foster sharing amongst siblings.

These bunk beds are also aesthetically pleasing and will allow you to maximise the bedroom space for other furnitures and belongings.

More Organised

Modern style bunk beds provide better organisation for kids because they are often built with accompanying drawers and shelves. Unlike the traditional single bed, these creative bunk beds provide better organisation for your children when it comes to their personal stuff.

Not only will it teach them to take care of their own belongings, but it will allow them to also store them properly and securely. Whether it be toys when they are much younger, or up to journals and keepsakes when they are a bit older, the built-in storage in bunk beds will secure them accordingly and take care of any mess.

Dollhouse or Treehouse 

Kids will definitely choose bunk beds because it allows them to be the owner of their own domain.

It is always like playing house, with the stairs and grills reminiscent of windows and balconies. Or like being up in their own tree house or fortress, with toys guarding them when they are sleeping.

Creative bunk beds is like being in their own little fun world.

Kids are naturally imaginative and you can involve them in designing their own bunk beds too. It does not necessarily have to be overly expensive since there are different materials for bunk beds that are available. Maybe even at some point, you would even find the adults sleeping in these fun bunk beds.