5 Fun Gender Neutral Kids Room Ideas

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Get inspired with new decor styles, accent colors, and accent pieces for a gender neutral nursery. Focus on creating a functional and nurturing nursery decor rather than traditional gender-oriented color palettes. From out of this world galaxy wallpapers and space theme decals and fun creatures and bugs to a cozy nook for story time or play time, here are some of our favorite inspirations for a gorgeous nursery for a baby boy or baby girl.

1| Space Inspired Nursery

From Milky Way paint to glow in the dark stars and ceiling murals, the galaxy motif seems to be an all time favorite for kids’ bedrooms. For little aspiring astronauts and space lovers, a space inspired nursery with starry skies and spacescapes might just be the perfect imaginative nursery theme. This intergalactic craze is fun, creative, and out of this world. Paint impressive constellations on the walls and ceilings or choose constellation bedding and rugs. Make your own DIY “galaxy paint” by mixing glitter and glue which will dry clear. From glow in the dark stars and planet mobiles to space-themed wallpaper and astronaut figures, the options are as infinite as the universe. Encourage learning about the planets, stars, constellations, and galaxies with wall decals. Fun and playful space creatures and characters add personality and inspire creativity and imagination so your ambitious little one can explore his or her own “outerspace” at home.










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2| Typography and Travel Themed Nursery

There is nothing more adventurous and exciting than colorful maps of cities and countries. Graphic wallpaper and illustrations add style to a nursery. Go for bold colors and a cute world map or wanderlust inspired quotes and typography. Up the excitement of travel and exploration with fun picture frames and a wall gallery. A graphic wallpaper is a great way to enhance the room decor and add personality. Add adventurous motifs such as maps, globes, trains, and planes. Add a personal touch with a unique typography gallery wall with letters, quotes, and phrases if you want to mix these two trends.










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3| Hot Air Balloon Nursery Theme

From the bedding and pillows to wall decor and fun hot air balloon mobiles, create a whimsical and nostalgic nursery. Think DIY hot air balloons, fun circus prints, and stuffed animals. Hang fun fluffy mobile clouds and toss a cloud shaped baby pillow or throw pillow on a lounge chair to keep the theme going. Personalize your baby’s room with hot air balloon illustrations that project sweet dreamy vibes. Add some color in the room with a fun hot air balloon wallpaper print. If wallpaper is not your style, consider painting dreamy clouds right onto the walls and ceiling for an artistic flair. Up, up, and away dreams go.











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4| Grey and White Nursery

Soften the decor with grey and white for a clean minimalist nursery decor. Add your favorite gender-neutral accent colors or choose black to define design elements in the room. White and grey will brighten up the space as well as create the perfect canvas for fun textures and graphics such as a round jute rug, graphic bedding, geometric shapes, and fun prints. Grey is the perfect color for a fresh and modern look that is versatile enough for a trendy or traditional home decor. With grey and white, you can incorporate soft colors such as light green, soft yellow, or even a soft purple or bold ultraviolet accent. Incorporate fun graphics such as wall murals and creative wall decals or natural materials such as wood elements for a warm decor. 

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5| Storytime Nursery

Inspire imagination and learning with lots of books and characters in the nursery. Frame illustrations from children’s books on a wall gallery and create a comfortable reading nook with your comfiest armchair or bean bag chair. Surround the room with characters from favorite books and create a space for story time. Don’t worry about sticking with a theme or story. Mix and match your favorite stories and fairytales for a truly immersive and whimsical storytime inspired nursery decor. If you want to tie it all together, incorporate design elements throughout the room, such as simple white frames and solid white curtains. Animals are perfect and fun characters for a gender neutral nursery for your baby.

About the Author: Lucy Parker is the Resident Design Consultant at​ HomeDecorAZ.com​.  When she’s not busy helping clients with interior design projects, Lucy writes blog posts related to home décor. She’s also a foodie who loves traveling and enjoys movies (except  horror).